Measure X Project List

A complete list of all Board approved projects, statuses, and budgets:

(Last Updated: 4/4/2024)

Project # Project Category, Name and Description Status Budget
San Benito County Campus
3101 San Benito County Campus (SBCC) Active $60,641,894
  San Benito County Campus Phase One include a multipurpose academic building with classroom and lab space, support services, limited food service and collaboration spaces. 
San Benito County Campus Total: $60,641,894
Gilroy Campus
3202 Library and Student Resource Center (LSRC) Active $55,817,186
  Construction of a new, state of the art Library and Student Resource Center. The new library will replace the aging library and incorporate student service functions and additional administrative offices into one location. 
3204 STEM Center Active $35,209,640
  Construction of a new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Center includes general lecture classrooms, science labs, computer lab, study areas, and faculty and support offices. 
3205 Theater Modernization
On Hold $20,724,427
  Renovation and modernization of the existing Theater Building.    
3208 Roofing Upgrade Project
Active $3,507,378
  Replacement of current roofs on the Gilroy campus from a gravel roof to a metal standing seam roof.    
3201 Site Improvement, Security and Infrastructure
Active $3,860,252
Infrastructure improvements include renovations and upgrades to the aging utility systems on campus. Site improvements include improvements to roads and parking, Central Quad, pedestrian bridge and signage and wayfinding. Security improvements will include cameras, public address system and door hardware.
3201-01 Pedestrian Bridge
Complete $1,368,721
3201-02 Fire Alarm Upgrade Complete $440,126
3201-03 Boiler System Upgrade Complete $2,606,090
3201-04 Pool ADA Upgrades Complete $15,470
3201-05 Water Infrastructure Improvements Complete $33,907
3201-06 Gilroy Campus ADA Improvements Active $6,120,803
3201-07 Wayfinding Signage On Hold $1,165,000
3201-08 Covered Walkways Replacement Project Complete $3,122,014
3201-09 Energy Management System Upgrades Complete $314,885
3201-10 Gilroy Campus Security Door Locking Active $748,000
3201-11 Acoustical Curtain Complete $34,466
3201-13 HVAC-Roof Assessment Complete $48,300
3201-14 Monument Sign Active $1,500,000
3201-15 Utility Infrastructure Relocation Active $5,670,090
3201-17 Administration Building HVAC Design and Replacement Active $300,000
3201-18 Student Center Building HVAC Design and Replacement On Hold TBD
3201-19 Transformer Infrastructure Active $388,101
3201-20 Domestic Waterline Replacement Project Active $2,000,000
Gilroy Campus Total: $144,994,856
District Wide Projects
3901 IT Infrastructure Active $6,192,596
  District-wide technology data center improvements and disaster recovery expansion, area network connections and hardware, audio-visual modernization, computer replacements, upgrades of local area cabling, replacement of phone system and network infrastructure modernization.    
3995 Debt Service and Project Completion Costs Active $20,749,011
  Pay down debt service and project completion costs.    
3999 Program Management, Planning and Support Active $6,429,019
  Cost of issuance, legal, management, program planning and assessments.  
District Wide Projects Total: $33,370,626
Program Contingency
3997 Program Contingency Active $10,276,087
  District wide programming contingency for various issues that may be a result of higher construction costs, new projects, etc.
3997-01 Sports Complex Feasibility Study Complete $70,000
3997-02 Roof Upgrade Design Study Complete $73,100
3997-03 Food Pantry Relocation Active $14,400
3997-04 Gilroy Campus Building Mapping Active $42,550
3997-05 Hazmat Investigation of Math & SS Roofs Complete $13,250
3998 Catastrophic Contingency Active $3,492,622
Program Contingency Total:
Measure X Grand Total: