2018-2019 Annual Report

Measure X
2018-2019 Annual Report

Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

Letter from Committee Chair

To: The Board of Trustees and Citizens of the Gavilan Joint Community College District

In November of 2018, Gavilan Joint Community College District received strong community support with the passing of Measure X, a $248 million general obligation bond initiative. The Measure X Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is pleased to present its annual report on the progress of the district’s bond program for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

The principal duties of the committee include informing the public about the expenditure of Measure X bond proceeds; ensuring that the district spends bond money only for the purposes set forth in Measure X; and producing an annual report of the committee’s proceedings and activities, including a compliance statement. The Board of Trustees’ responsibilities include overseeing the bond program, prioritizing projects, and monitoring progress and spending on individual projects.

The committee is pleased with the progress made during this initial fiscal year of the bond program. Measure X was passed, and the planning activities of a large program were initiated during this reporting year. The legal, financial and program management teams were selected, and the first series of bonds were sold. The colleges’ facilities master plan defined the project list and preliminary budgets. Initial schedules were developed and continue to be refined. The district also initiated the selection process for architectural, engineering and environmental consulting services. San Benito County Campus site remains the number one priority of this bond, and the work on the finalization of the environmental mitigation measures and the feasibility of the city sewer connection continued. A bond website and newsletter were established to assist with the communication of information to the public.

The Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee had its first meeting during this fiscal year. The committee opted to set a schedule to meet quarterly to review Measure X activities. District and program management staff provided the committee with written and oral reports and presentations on the activities of the 2018-2019 year and the auditor presented the financial and performance audit reports.

Based on its review, the committee has concluded that the district is in compliance with the requirements of Article XIIIA, Section 1(b)(3) of the California Constitution. A full disclosure of the performance and financial audits can be viewed here.

The committee and the district wish to thank the community for their continued support of our students.

Respectfully submitted,

John Gould
Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Chair

Committee Members

Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee members are appointed by the Board of Trustees.

  • Caleb DixonStudent Representative
  • John FlahertyGilroy, Community At-Large
  • John GouldCommittee Chair, San Jose, Community At-Large
  • Judi JohnsonHollister, Taxpayers Association
  • Gordon MachadoHollister, Business Community
  • Elvira RobinsonHollister, Support Organization (appointed 10/8/19)
  • Jim RogersGilroy, Senior Citizens’ Organization
  • Nazhat SharmaSupport Organization (resigned 7/9/19)

Committee Meetings

The committee had one meeting in the 2018-2019 fiscal year (ending June 30, 2019):

  • June 25, 2019

Please visit the committee meeting page for a complete listing of the meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes.

Measure X Expenditures

as of June 30, 2019
Bond Authorization$248,000,000
Interest Earned$126,923
Total Bond Funds*$248,126,923
Bond Expenditures:
Architect & Engineering, Division of State Architect, Oversight & Other$1,003,565
Construction & Contingency$11,743,676
Furniture & Equipment$0
Total Bond Expenditures:$12,747,241
Bond Funds Remaining*$235,379,682

*Rounding factors may apply

Measure X Project List

as of June 30, 2019
# Project Category, Name and Description Status Budget
San Benito County Campus
3101 San Benito County Campus Active $52,000,000
San Benito County Campus Phase One includes a multistory, multipurpose Academic Building with classroom and lab space, support services, limited food service and collaboration spaces.
San Benito County Campus Total: $52,000,000
Gavilan College
3201 Central Plant and Infrastructure Active $10,000,000
The central plant and infrastructure projects will renovate and upgrade the aging utility systems on campus.
3202 Library/Learning Resource Center Active $19,000,000
Construction of a new, state of the art, 2-story Library/Learning Resource Center.
3203 Site Improvements and Security Active $15,000,000
Site Improvement Projects: Central Quad, Bridges, Accessibility Solutions, Signage and Wayfinding. Security Projects: Cameras, Public Address System and Door Hardware.
3204 STEM Center Active $19,500,000
Construction of a new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Center includes general lecture classrooms, science labs, computer lab, study areas, and faculty and support staff offices.
3205 Visual and Performing Arts Complex Active $62,000,000
The Visual and Performing Arts Complex is a new building that replaces the current theater, music building and houses the college's art program. In addition to a state of the art theater, the complex would include classrooms, scene shop, art and music labs, a kiln yard, rehearsal rooms, offices and plenty of storage for props and equipment.
3206 Future Projects Pending $23,100,000
Student Services, Coyote Valley - Modular Building, Kinesiology and Athletic Fields, Art Building/Swing Space, Student Center Remodel and Administrative Services
Gavilan College Total: $148,600,000
District and District Wide Projects
3995 Debt Service and Project Completion Costs Active $18,400,000
Pay down debt service and project completion costs.
3999 Program Mgmt, Planning and Support Active $10,000,000
Cost of issuance, legal, management, program planning and assessments.
District Wide Projects Total: $28,400,000
Program Contingency
3997 Program Contingency Active $12,000,000
District Wide Program Contingency for various issues that may be a result of higher construction costs, new projects, etc.
3998 Catastrophic Contingency Active $7,000,000
3% of Measure X initial project list budget.
Total for Program Contingency: $19,000,000
Measure X Grand Total: $248,000,000

About Measure X


"To upgrade classrooms, science, healthcare, technology, engineering/career training labs, repair aging facilities, shall Gavilan Joint Community College District's measure authorizing $248,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, levying 2 cents/$100 assessed value, $14,000,000 annually while bonds are outstanding, constructing, acquiring, repairing classrooms, facilities, sites/equipment, Veterans Center, adding a campus in San Benito County, improving local access to affordable education, with citizen oversight, all money locally controlled, be approved?"

Measure X passed with 57% of the districtwide vote. Thank you to all who were a part of this effort!

Read the full ballot language